Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Map: Crime Statistics - Homicide Rates

This map shows the homicide rates in the world, by country. The data is from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, where intentional homicide is defined as “unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person”. It should be the technical term for what we know as murder.

Data Source: UN Office on Drugs and Crime
From the map, we can see that the countries with the highest homicide rates are those from Africa (except the Northern parts) and some countries of Latin America (Brazil, Mexico). The countries with the lowest homicide rates are Canada, most parts of Europe, North Africa (surprisingly), Australia, New Zealand, China (perhaps because of the large population and stringent laws) and Japan. Of course, there are many small countries that we cannot see on the map that may have much worse or better homicide rates.
Data Source: UNODC; Map: Generated by me

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